Career at Macbell

Our company not only provides opportunity to the people who are willing to start a company but also to people who wants to work with us as an employee who wants to make their career from a start-up company.

The career opportunities at Macbell are:

• As an Employee:- Working as a permanent employee will help benefit the career as you will be given exposure to various start-up environment. You will get to know how a company starts and how it grows to become a successful company. Your innovative ideas will be recognized and we will try to implement that idea. Various employee welfare scheme is there so that the employees do not feel left out and we take time to time feedback in so that their problems can be seen.

• As an Intern:- We provide an environment where the candidates working as an intern gets exposed to vast variety of business conditions and are also helped to develop necessary skills that is required as by the companies of today’s world. We try to encourage the interns to start their own venture by promoting entrepreneurship and also give them opportunity to interact with founders and investors of other companies.

• As a Freelancer:- As we know freelancers have to search for work in various institutes or companies which might get them to their satisfaction. But working in Macbell as a freelancer, you will be given work of many other successful companies which will help you sustain and develop your freelancing career. Will be provided with personal websites and we will you to promote it as well so that people out of our organization can know your worth.

Contact Information-

Email Id-
Mobile No.- 9111897177
Whatsapp No- 9111897177